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Recording Studios, Filmmakers, Cables, and LED's cost a lot of money. The more we have, the better our show and sound will be and the sooner we can record a single or even an entire album - for you!

You can use this button to donate us any amount you like. Every donation will appear on our wall of fame. (Of course only if you want to)

Donations can be made with credit card or paypal.

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The more followers we have the more people will know about us. So the chance that we play in your town one day is getting bigger with every follower we have. 

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Seems logic, right? Of course still the best deal to support us! You get a concert and we get a crowd! 

We always love to get in touch with our supporters after the show. Come and have a beer with us at the bar and get to know the humans behind the mask!

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Mouth to mouth recommendation is very valuable to us. And the best part for you - its free!