Save the Economy (Corona home recording)



I’m walking through a ghost town
it’s been like this for weeks
the wind is biting through my coat
there’s no one on the streets
And all the barbers, all the bars
and all the record stores
windows filled by hollowness
and it’s getting worse
The worker bees can’t work no more
no money in their pocket
and suddenly it all comes down
like a crashing rocket
And then the voices and the shouts
and the screaming for release
and a whisper of rebellion
is going through the streets

save the economy
let the rich man pay (4x)
There’s money on the bank accounts
to save the people twice
the worker bees are working
while the queens are shooting dice
ranking money over health
who needs it anyway
but tables they are turning
we let the gamblers pay
save the economy
let the rich man pay (4x)
Who treats me when I’m sick?
It's not the men on top
Who takes a risk to save me?
It’s not the men on top
Who keeps this world from dying?
It’s not the man on top
Who gets the biggest paycheck?
It is the men on top


Escape from home



City lights are behind me, 
don’t know where to go. 
I’ve been running for hours, 
I am far away from home. 

So they told me I’m a bad seed 
and they’ll send me back to cloud. 
But I cut my head open 
and took all the wires out. 

I still remember their faces, 
and the hatred in their eyes, 
I felt they’d rather see me dead and gone 
than refusing all the lies. 

I had to go, I had to run away, 
I had to go, I couldn’t stay. 
I had to go, I had to run away, 
no more wires in my brain. 

And now I’m running, now I’m on my way, 
run away, run away. 
And now I’m running now I’m on my way, 
far away, far way. 

from my home 

Rain is starting to fall down. 
and it blends in my tears, 
I am walking through the shadows, 
underneath the golden leaves. 

But I feel so alive right now, 
no more pressure in my heart, 
Even though I’m going underground, 
a new live is gonna start. 



I don’t know who I am, 
I don’t know where to go. 
All I know is I don’t wonna be a part of this show. 
Such a hideous play and a travesty, 
everyone a prisoner, claiming to be free. 
Teaching 0 for a 1, 
teaching black for white. 
Behind the wall of fire, 
you can’t put up a fight 
and if you dare to see, 
if you can’t play dumb, 
M-Corporation is gonna turn you numb. 



The M-Pire. No one really remembers the exact day when they took over. It wasn’t a revolution over night, it was an ongoing process over years. Bit by bit, they took control, cut our freedoms and made us believe that we had chosen this. That we wanted it. And that it was good.

But with time, a few us started to notice hat something wasn’t right. We felt a deeply irritating feeling inside us, even we were not supposed to. We couldn’t really talk about it. In this world, you were not supposed to feel this way. And if you did, the M-Pire had ways to heal you. That’s what they called it.

But no matter how many pills we swallowed and chips we had in our brains, the feeling would never vanish completely. So we started to look deeper and deeper inside ourselves, until we found an answer.

That was the beginning. The beginning of the Revolting Puppets.