Revolting Puppets - Manifest

We are Revolting Puppets

We live underground. We play in your town. We shine in the dark.

We make you think. We bring you music and art. We are the enemies of the M-Pire. 

We don't preach. We suggest ideas. We invite you to join the discussion.

We play, we write, we perform.

Why are we doing this?

Because we have to. We can't bear living in the world, the M-Pire has created for us. A world, where people live in golden cages, losing any sense of humanity. A world, so shallow and artificial, so cold and grey.

With happy thoughts only, there is no room for improvement. Mankind is standing still. And innocent people die and no one cares.

We must bring back the stuff that touched the heart. That made us think, sad, angry. That provoked us, gave us a new view.

How are we organised?

We are an underground collective of artists and activists. There is no fixed leader, we decide together. Everyone is free to join us and participate, whether it is artwork or a helping hand. 

Why do we look like this?

Our looks have several meanings. We choose anonymity, because we have to. The M-Pire is too powerful that we could cross their path as private persons without any trouble. For that we have to work in disguise.

We also live in a highly technologised world, where technology is hidden from us. We want to make it visible again, showing the inside of our machines and tools that we use, and make them materials for our art and performances.

The punk-attitude is base for our work. We are outsiders, free thinkers and rebels.