Tour diary - Day 1 - London

First Gig of our "To london and back" - tour 2020 @ Cargo - London

Everything went wrong in the beginning. Underestimated the London City traffic, got in on time though, but with way less time to breathe. Then forgot the power adapters at the flat for our swiss gear.

Luckily we have an electrician in the band. Cut of a UK plug and re-wire it to our power strip. Plug in the borrowed guitar-amp. Amp explodes. (Old and bad wired, not our fault luckily) Search the venue for spare amp. @halfmoonpanic offers to use theirs. Thanx again mates! Re-wire another plug (UK plugs got fuses in them, it burned through.) No time for long soundcheck anymore. Do all instruments make a sound? Ok let's go!

Thanks to @singularitysyndrome for staying so cool.
And thx to @thisistheclover for the support.
And @halfmoonpanic for the offer to use their amp

Underground Stories #3

Interview with Spanish Retrowave/Cyperpunk Magazine ""

We did an interview with the spanish Retrowave/Cyperpunk Magazine "

Read the full interview here:



Soundtrack for game "0 vs 1"

We made the soundtrack for an indie game called "0 vs 1"

This is how it sounds: let's play it

and this is the full game:



2019 - way to the Future

2019 - that year the main story of the Cyberpunk-Anime/Manga "Akira" starts to happen. And we are not so far from it as we thought. Ok we don't have any strange looking children with telekinetic abilities and still no heavy laser-guns, but the world seems to be in a very strange place at the moment.

Strange places attract strange people, and strange people start strange projects. And so are Revolting Puppets.

Project "Escape from home"

Escape from home is the title of our next song we will release. There isn't a release date yet, if all goes well it will be before the start of summer 2019. Currently we finished recording and are in the last steps of mixing and mastering. 

As you may have seen on our instagram profile, we are also in the process of creating a videoclip/short film for the song.

So far we finished shooting and started with cutting and post production. 

We will keep posting small updates from the process from time to time, so make sure to follow us on either instagram or twitter to get all the latest news and images.

We won't tell too much about the Song/Video yet, only that it will have a slight synthwave touch mixed with heavy rock and a cyberpunk story that matches the title.

Lineup changes

One reason for not having a fixed release date is, that we are currently looking for replacements for keyboard and guitar on stage. In 2018 two of our original founders, Dr. Brainwash and Zuloid, could no longer support us on our live shows. They remain members of honour and are still part of Revolting Puppets, but we need new members to play on our shows. Untill we have not a complete lineup, we sadly won't be able to take any gigs. But we are working on it. If you know anyone that would be interested or if you are interested yourself, please write us at


This is basically everything that is going on right now in the world of Revolting Puppets, let's hope the world is not going to explode this year like it did in "Akira". Oh, and if you have not seen the film by now, it is definitely worth a watch

all the best in 2019

silent dogs will bark