2019 - way to the Future

2019 - that year the main story of the Cyberpunk-Anime/Manga "Akira" starts to happen. And we are not so far from it as we thought. Ok we don't have any strange looking children with telekinetic abilities and still no heavy laser-guns, but the world seems to be in a very strange place at the moment.

Strange places attract strange people, and strange people start strange projects. And so are Revolting Puppets.

Project "Escape from home"

Escape from home is the title of our next song we will release. There isn't a release date yet, if all goes well it will be before the start of summer 2019. Currently we finished recording and are in the last steps of mixing and mastering. 

As you may have seen on our instagram profile, we are also in the process of creating a videoclip/short film for the song.

So far we finished shooting and started with cutting and post production. 

We will keep posting small updates from the process from time to time, so make sure to follow us on either instagram or twitter to get all the latest news and images.

We won't tell too much about the Song/Video yet, only that it will have a slight synthwave touch mixed with heavy rock and a cyberpunk story that matches the title.

Lineup changes

One reason for not having a fixed release date is, that we are currently looking for replacements for keyboard and guitar on stage. In 2018 two of our original founders, Dr. Brainwash and Zuloid, could no longer support us on our live shows. They remain members of honour and are still part of Revolting Puppets, but we need new members to play on our shows. Untill we have not a complete lineup, we sadly won't be able to take any gigs. But we are working on it. If you know anyone that would be interested or if you are interested yourself, please write us at band@revoltingpuppets.com.


This is basically everything that is going on right now in the world of Revolting Puppets, let's hope the world is not going to explode this year like it did in "Akira". Oh, and if you have not seen the film by now, it is definitely worth a watch

all the best in 2019

silent dogs will bark





Advertising funded media and the path to extremism

(Deutscher Text unten)

The german newspaper "Die Zeit" recently posted an article with the topic wether or not drowning people in the mediterranean sea should be saved. Not only is it absolutely out of the question that this isn't a matter open for debate, it is a also a new lowpoint in journalism concerning language and ethics.

One of the reasons for this downfall, seems to be the new business model, that papers had to adapt to. Away from subscription to funding through advertising, and thus, click counts. Articles generating a huge shitstorm, like the one mentioned above, are the best thing that can happen to a paper nowadays. Every upset person writing about it, is generating a link to the article. Clickcounts rise and with it, the income from advertising.

With a system like that, it is no surprise that topics and language are getting more and more extreme, creating as much attention as possible. And we as a society, are not really innocent, that it turned out this way. We all want news, but we don't want to pay for it. But no serious journalist can or will work for free.

What can we do to change that? Should papers no longer offer their articles for free? Or should we as readers stop linking to those articles or even read them? It is a challenge that modern day papers and readers need to face in order to maintain a journalism with a culture for proper language and ethics.





Spätestens seit in einem Artikel der deutschen "Zeit" öffentlich darüber debattiert wurde, ob man nun Menschen vor dem Ertrinken retten soll oder nicht, wurde in Sachen Dialektik und Ethik ein neuer Tiefpunkt in den öffentlichen Medien erreicht.

Dass dabei die neue Finanzierung der Medien - weg von den Abonnementen hin zu Werbeeinnahmen durch Klickzahlen - eine nicht unwesentliche Rolle spielt, scheint auf der Hand zu liegen. So konnte der "Zeit" mit ihrem Artikel und dem darauf folgenden Shitstorm eigentlich kaum etwas besseres passieren. Jeder und jede verlinkte in der Empörung auf den Artikel, und generierte so Aufmerksamkeit (und damit Werbeeinnahmen) en masse. Der Shitstorm wird heutzutage zum lukrativen Geschäftsmodell für die Medien.

Dadurch folgt logischerweise eine stete Verrohung und Extremisierung der Sprache und Inhalte. Je extremer, reisserischer, emotioneller, dest grösser die Aufmerksamkeit und somit die Existenzerhaltung.

Das Problem: Wir sind als Gesellschaft nicht ganz unschuldig an dieser Entwicklung. Wir wollen alle Journalismus und Medien, aber bittesehr gratis. Der Anteil an Abonnementen ist heute offenbar zu klein, als das man bei einem Shitstorm tatsächlich noch Angst haben muss, dass Leute abspringen. So stellt sich dann auch die Frage, wie man das Extremismusproblem in den Medien lösen will. Sollten Zeitungen ihre Artikel per se einfach nicht mehr gratis Anbieten, um sich wieder anders zu finanzieren, ohne den Drang nach möglichst hohen Klickzahlen? Oder ist es an uns Konsumenten, solche Artikel nicht mehr zu verlinken und nur noch über Abos die Zeitschriften zu finanzieren? Eins ist klar: Es muss ein neuer Weg gefunden werden, weg von der Aufmerksamkeit um jeden Preis.

The tragic story of Dr. Braindead

The cake is a lie

the cake is a lie

Shit that went wrong in 2017

Are you tired of reading everyone's success stories

We naturally tend to only present all the good things that are happening in our lives, wich is not to blame, but it leaves us with a distorted image, of our friends live compared to ours.

And its no different being in a Rock-Band. Sometimes people would come to us and say "Hey, you seem to be on a pretty good run with your band" when we were personally in a spot thinking we were absolut shit and no one really cares about us. Because we only share the good things.

So, in order to correct that, here's a list of all the shit that did not go the way we planned or wanted to, all the fails and disappointments of 2017. (Just to make you feel a little bit better about yourself hopefully)


Delays, Delays, Delays

There were so many things we wanted to do last year. Recording "Dear MTV", releasing it as our first single, making an awesome short-film videoclip for it. None of it happend. We simply were not ready yet. Having great ideas, but have to keep them on hold is frustrating, even though sometimes necessary. 


Recording live for our EP

We recorded two gigs in order to get enough material together for our first release. The sad thing about it was that we had songs that we would have loved to be on the release, but honestly were just too badly played. So in the end we were not free to just pick the ones we liked, but had to pick the ones that were technically not the worst of the worst.


EP marketing campaign

Boy, did that thing go wrong in the beginning. We put so much work into press kit, mailing in 4 languages, collecting addresses of blogs, radios, newspapers, sent out around 250 e-mails and the resonance was 0. Null. Absolutely nothing. Well basically nothing, of the 250 mails, probably only around 25 got even read. But no answer back, nada. It would take up to 2 months, when we first got mentioned on a blog we contacted. From then on it went a bit better. But to be honest, we expected more. Maybe we were naiv, or just did not know enough about modern day marketing. 


We lost our drummer

Maybe not the worst thing that happened, since we now have a new one and are very happy about it, but it was still a bummer. Although we parted in good ways and there were no bad feelings on both sides, it still meant investing time in finding a new one, being uncertain about what the future will bring us and how fast we would be back on track again. 


So that was it, all the things that went wrong this year, it was not easy, but it was still fun enough to go on with everything. 


Oh yeah and by the way, fuck you facebook, for not showing ur posts to our fans anymore unless we pay. We probably have to think about a new way to connect to you all soon....(and yes, just for the irony, this will be posted on fb too)