"Inside" by Mattis Dovier

Not from us, but a nice piece of art.

INSIDE from Mattis Dovier on Vimeo.

Development Vault #1

Bandstories #1: Broken goggles backstage

5 min before we are about to enter the stage at Festival des arcs. We are backstage, putting our gear on. It is in that moment,that we realise: one of our goggles is not working, respectively not glowing......FUCK! What now? Go on stage with only 3 of 4 goggles glowing?....not really an option....Our master of electronics grabs out the soldering iron of our toolbox and starts to heat it up. "Well, lets fix it then...." he says. We should already be on stage.

While we are waiting for the iron to heat up, the festival organiser appears backstage: "You guys ready?....."...Ehm, not quite!.....As we cut the cable, remove the plastics and start to re-solder the wire, we can hear the intro on stage, announcing us: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, Revolting Puppets!....Fuck, fuck, Fuuuck! We tell the organiser, that we are having some slight technical problems and that we need another minute or two. We can hear the people shouting and go silent again. Fuck! So much for our big entry....

After an eternity of waiting we finally hear the words: "It works!" Relieved, we put our goggles and helmets on and tell our assistant to play the intro....Nervous as shit we entered stage and had one of the best shows ever!....What did we learn? - You should always have a soldering iron backstage.....and check your electronics soon enough!...

Music for free?

Yes, there is a day when musicians should give away their music for free. It's the same day when recording studios, producers, promoters, booking-agents, labels, web designers, photographers and graphic designers decide that they will work for free as well.

We are not alone.....