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Out now! Comic - Wohngemeinschaft Überdosis 5 – Die fünfte Dimension (German)

Kollaboration mit El Jaro (

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44 Seiten, davon 3 von Tetsuo (Revolting Puppets). Eine kurze Reise durch diverse Paralelluniversen führt die Protagonisten unter Anderem in die Welt von Revolting Puppets. Allerdings mit einem kleinen Twist....

Weitere bereiste Universen wurden kreiert und gezeichnet von Punks’n’Banters (Donald), P.F.F. (Markus Magenbitter), Sehsam und Jannis.

New Song out - Save the Economy (Corona home recording)

During the Corona lockdown we wrote and recorded a song.
Inspired by the events going on around us and the topics we fear will get forgotten, once this crisis should be over.

Tour diary - Day 3 - Limburg / Germany

Day 3 of our #tolondonandback tour - 28.2.2020 - Kakadu - Limburg / Germany

Got up at 5 in the morning to catch the train going through the Euro-Tunnel (a tunnel from UK to France underneath the sea). Arrived in Limburg around 5 pm, pretty dead from the road and the past two days. Got our own little cottage to stay, already heated with a little stove in the room. Pure luxury! Take a nap, then soundcheck. What a loud soundsystem! The floor is trembling on every bass note.
Then we got served an awesome dinner and watch @sevenleaves24 doing their show. Then it's time to get on stage. Crowd is coming in and we are just having on of the best gigs ever! People going nuts, won't let us go, we even have to play a song twice. Then party with the local crew till late, all getting shitfaced drunk - the perfect end for this tour! What a great place and a great vibe!
The next morning, they even brought us breakfast to our little cottage!