Tour diary - Day 2 - London

Second gig of our "To London and back" tour 2020, @therocksteadydalston London, 27.2.

Learning from the day before, we calculated the traffic right and got in way too early. All went well, we had the power adapters and everything. We got on stage way later than planned, because apparently there was a double booking of the place and double the bands to play in one evening. But hey, better late than too early. We played the set, on the second last song, the onstage bass amp dies. (Wasn't our fault, again) Thanks to the great sound tech "Commander", we could re-route it quickly and finish the set. But there you go, two amps killed in two concerts. Yay.

Met some nice people there:
@crimsoncobrauk (thx for the picture)
Thanks for coming and the nice chats mates!

Tour diary - Day 1 - London

First Gig of our "To london and back" - tour 2020 @ Cargo - London

Everything went wrong in the beginning. Underestimated the London City traffic, got in on time though, but with way less time to breathe. Then forgot the power adapters at the flat for our swiss gear.

Luckily we have an electrician in the band. Cut of a UK plug and re-wire it to our power strip. Plug in the borrowed guitar-amp. Amp explodes. (Old and bad wired, not our fault luckily) Search the venue for spare amp. @halfmoonpanic offers to use theirs. Thanx again mates! Re-wire another plug (UK plugs got fuses in them, it burned through.) No time for long soundcheck anymore. Do all instruments make a sound? Ok let's go!

Thanks to @singularitysyndrome for staying so cool.
And thx to @thisistheclover for the support.
And @halfmoonpanic for the offer to use their amp

Underground Stories #3

Interview with Spanish Retrowave/Cyperpunk Magazine ""

We did an interview with the spanish Retrowave/Cyperpunk Magazine "

Read the full interview here:



Soundtrack for game "0 vs 1"

We made the soundtrack for an indie game called "0 vs 1"

This is how it sounds: let's play it

and this is the full game: