Videoshooting in December

In collaboration with Ruff Productions  Revolting Puppets will be shooting a video in early December. The video will feature the song "Media Overkill" and will be filmed as a oneshot in their own bandroom.

Thank you very much!

Thank you all for coming out to see us at the awesome PYRAMID STAGE!

It was quite a unique experience playing in a pyramid shaped greenhouse....


Neil Young launches own high quality music service and player "Pono"

With a goal of 800 000 $ pledged and over 6 Million reached, Neal Young successfully backed up his project "Pono" on kickstarter. It comes with its own player and is supposed to give the listener the best quality in digital music, as close to its original recorded resolution as possible. Basically you should be able to hear to sound with almost the same quality it had in the studio when it was recorded.

At the highest resolution the player should be able to hold about 800 tracks, at CD lossless quality about 5000.

Could be a game changer in the world of digital music. 


Some reactions to the sound quality of Pono:


Interview with Neil Young (Forbes Magazine)


Revoltingpuppets live @ Pyramidstage Bern

Pyramid Stage IV 

Via Felsenau, Spinnereiweg 17, 3004 Bern
(Bus 21 to "Felsenaustrasse")

Doors: 19:30
Concert: 20:00

Entrance free - Collection

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