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Secret gig

On June 18. we will play a secret gig at a secret location.

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Update: Dear MTV - Pre-Production

A short snippet from our ongoing pre-production of "Dear MTV". Recorded in the Revolting Puppets Vault, and mixed/mastered at Revolting Puppets Home Studios.

Final results may vary.

Dear MTV - The short movie - 1st Brainstorming

Yesterday we managed to finish the main plot for our upcoming (very) short film "Dear MTV". Yeah! It was amazing to see what great things can happen when the right people come together. Not even could we find a way to bring the various existing ideas together, we also managed to push it a step further and got some great new inputs! 

We can't (and won't) tell too much about the story yet, only this:

It will take place in a world ruled by an organisation that forbids any form of intellectual content, whether it is books, movies or music. Possession, consumption or provisioning of any of these items on "the black list" will be sentenced with prison or even death. In this world, ruled by brainless entertainment, we follow the journey of a protagonist, who lives trough his days in this so called "happy system" .....until one day, something strange happens...


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The next step will be to develop an animated storyboard and decide how we want to tell the story so it will fit to the music. 


see you around



Preproduction of Dear MTV has started

1st rough recording of Dear MTV. One mic only. So far we liked it, now we have a good base to develop the plot and storyboard of our short film. It's getting exciting.....