Spotify Release!

Hey hey hey, we are now on Spotify too!

Maybe a brief disclaimer why: (Because honestly until recently we thought Spotify is shit)

Ok, maybe it is still not the best and honest paying thing for a musician, but hey, honestly at least it pays something. If you stream us on Youtube we don't get shit. Just keep that in mind. Plus, there are certain things we started to like about it. 

We could create an Revolting Puppets playlist for example, where we could share all the music we listen to or think is great. And there are honestly a lot of great playlists, created by real people, who do a lot of research in bands and music.

And we discovered a lot of great music ourselves through that. 

Of course we would still need a fucktonne of plays to really get something that supports us as a band, but that is also up to you of course. The more and often you listen to us (if your ears can bear it) the more support we get.

So we thought we give it a shot, basically also to make it easier for you (if you already have a Spotify account) to listen to us.

If you still can't settle your inner rage, feel always free to send your love to 


False Harmony - unplugged and live at Radio Rabe

Songs from Radio RaBe available for download now!

The songs we played live and unplugged on Radio RaBe Radieschen auf Radio RaBe 95,6 MHz are now available exclusively on our secret vault to download.

How to get them? Get one of your Special Edition USB Sticks and you will get Access to the secret Revolting Puppets Vault!

Get it here.


1. New Drummer

We have a new drummer! He does not have a name and a helmet yet, but brings a lot of groove to our sound! You will surely hear more of him soon...

2. New Songs

We are currently in the process of writing new songs. So far, we are working on 3 new pieces. They already have some lyrics and basic sound. We will make sure to soon post first previews in our secret vault on our website. (Don't know what the secret vault is? Buy one of our special edition USB-Sticks to find out.)

3. New acoustic versions on radio

At 21.9.17 we will be presenting two of our songs "The real thing" and "False Harmony" in a so far never played version at Radio RaBe. More infos will follow...


Japanese website


Dear Friends from Japan, 

we have a japanese website now!­revoltingpuppets